The Moto 360 will work with this stylish wireless charger

We now know more info about the hotly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola, thanks to a series of photos from Mister Gadget, aka Luca Viscardi. The foremost detail is a wireless inductive charger that looks easy to use -- no small thing, since that fancy display will no doubt eat the battery quickly (though not as quickly as the G Watch, according to Viscardi). It's also a wise choice considering the skin irritation bugs with the LG G Watch's charging pins, which the Moto 360 lacks. Previous rumors show that it'll support Qi charging too, meaning it'll work with the Nexus 5's charger, among others. The back reveals the presence of an optical heart rate sensor and confirms that the water resistant case will be built from 316L stainless steel. Another image (below) gives it some scale next to LG's G watch, showing it to be about the same size -- big, but not overly bulky. Otherwise, it confirms details we've already seen, along with its general handsomeness. That's a good thing, since Android Wear's success might be riding on its round dial.