Drake vs. Lil Wayne gets the 'Street Fighter' treatment from Capcom

Billy Steele
B. Steele|08.07.14

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne gets the 'Street Fighter' treatment from Capcom

What happens when Capcom signs on to sponsor your upcoming tour? Well, you may be in for a Street Fighter-esque app to bolster the live show. In the DvsLW app for Android and iOS, hip-hop artists Drake and Lil Wayne get help from the crowd during their co-headlining dates starting this week. Developed with a hand from the video game outfit, the mobile software lets you choose between the two stars before tapping a button to "power up," boosting performances in real-time. That's right, concert goers will select their tour date and then influence the results each night. It's worth noting that tour-specific apps (and album-specific offerings, for that matter) are nothing new, but big name acts continue to crank out mobile companions to go along with the trek.

[Photo credit: Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

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