Microsoft's new, selfie-friendly Windows Phone gets caught on camera

Rumors have swirled of Microsoft making a new Windows Phone that's all about selfies, and it now looks like that portrait-oriented device is about to become a reality. WPCentral has scored photos of a prototype for the mid-range "Superman" (rumored to be named the Lumia 730) that would reportedly pack a 5-megapixel camera up front. That's on par with what you'll find on some Android phones, but it's a big step up from the modest 1.3MP cam on the Lumia 720 this will likely replace. There's no definitive evidence of the sensor, though, and it's tough to verify additional claims of a 4.7-inch screen -- don't be surprised if the specs are different if and when Superman shows up.

However, the leak at least suggests that new software is coming down the pike. The hardware you see here is apparently running Debian Red, the codename for what may be a Lumia-specific take on the recently announced Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. Just what that upgrade entails isn't certain, but it's safe to presume that it involves more than what Cyan offers. The real question may be when this selfie phone shows up, rather than what's inside. While a leaked memo from Microsoft's Jo Harlow claimed that high-end devices would show up "very soon," it's not clear what that means. Given that Debian Red hasn't even been announced yet, it could be a long while before you're holding this superheroic gadget in your hands.