Feedback Loop: Digital note-taking, digital picture frame hacking and more!

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Feedback Loop: Digital note-taking, digital picture frame hacking and more!

Happy Saturday! Here's a fresh edition of Feedback Loop for your reading pleasure. We have some great discussions this week including help with converting digital notes, hacking old digital photo frames and suggestions for AirPrint-compatible printers.

Best way to convert digital notes?

There's no shortage of tools for getting your notes digitized, and joberti is looking for the best solution. Some of his requirements are cursive recognition, syncing with OneNote and support for Windows and Android. He's open to using app scanners, smartpens or just sticking with a laptop. If you've made the transition, head here to help him make a decision.

Making use of old digital photo frames

Engadget's own community manager, Dave, was one of the many people who picked up a digital photo frame when they were all the rage. He wants to turn it into something more useful, like Status Board, and is looking for the best way to do it. With Android tablets being affordable, and the chance of photo frames having WiFi so low, is it even worth Dave's time? Let him know!

Google Print/AirPrint all-in-ones suggestions

samtramontana currently has a Canon printer with Google Print, but is shopping for a new one. Since they'll be printing from Chrome OS and iOS devices, they're hoping to find a laser all-in-one with support for both Google Print and AirPrint under $200. Does such a thing exist? Sound off in the forums!

Would you buy a mechanical smartwatch?

By no means am I a watch collector, but I do appreciate the finer details and precision of mechanical watches as well as their looks. It's a big reason I've been apprehensive about smartwatches in the past. However, the Kairos might change my mind as it blends mechanical precision with smartwatch technology. For the avid watch fans out there, is it something you would consider buying? Share your thoughts on smartwatches!

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