LG's $3,500 OLED TV is the first one you might be able to afford

Now that plasma TVs are really on their way out, it's the perfect time for a true alternative to LCD, and LG is ready with its cheapest OLED TV yet. The 55EC9300 is the third generation of curved 1080p OLED TVs to roll out and with a price tag of $3,500, the price has dropped 75 percent since the first one debuted a year ago for $15,000. It's still pricey for its size, but you won't have to choose between tuition and a TV this time around. Inside is the webOS Smart TV platform we loved at CES, and of course, the new display technology that is supposed to bring better colors and deeper blacks than have ever been possible before.

The question now, is if the improved colors of OLED are a better option than the high-res 4K screens currently flooding shelves. If the rumors are right, we'll see a 65-inch 4K version soon that cuts out the compromises, but costs twice as much. You'll be able to get your own eyes on the screens soon -- pre-orders are available through Best Buy and Amazon, and Best Buy will sell the set starting on the 24th.