Manchester United won't let you take laptops or tablets into its stadium

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Manchester United won't let you take laptops or tablets into its stadium

Don't plan on taking your iPad or Nexus 7 to Manchester United's next home match any time soon. The football team (soccer, for you Yanks) has banned laptops, tablets and other big devices from Old Trafford's grounds. Man U says that the crackdown reflects the "latest security intelligence" used by UK airports -- it's protecting fans from hidden explosives in devices that could do substantial damage. All but the largest smartphones should be fine, however, so you can still capture that van Persie goal without fear of being kicked out.

As you might imagine, there's a side benefit to this extra security -- banning tablets also means that supporters won't have their view blocked by people trying to record every moment on their slates. In that sense, it's harkening back to a brief decision by the New York Yankees to ban iPads. The stadium crew makes no mention of these annoyances, but it probably doesn't mind improving the experience for spectators who are there to watch the game with their own eyes, rather than hide behind a screen.

[Image credit: Paolo Camera, Flickr]

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