Hailo matches Uber by letting other apps use its cab-hailing features

Uber and Hailo are forever playing catch-up with each other, and this week is no exception. Just hours after Uber announced it's now allowing developers to bake Uber features into their apps, Hailo's following suit by opening up its own platform. Information on ride availability, the time a car will take to get to you and, of course, the ability to hail one are among the first features third-party developers can make use of. Hailo first showed off these capabilities after it teamed up with travel app CityMapper, but is now opening them up to everyone. Given that Hailo only operates in a small number of cities across the US, Europe and Asia, these features will likely be added to just a limited number of apps for now. As Hailo expands its taxi and private car service further afield, however, there's a chance big name hotels, airlines and travel sites could get on board, too.