The Long Dark's Early Access sandbox opens September 22

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The Long Dark's Early Access sandbox opens September 22
It can be fun to wonder whether you could survive being stranded in the wilderness using solely your wits, but actually testing that theory isn't particularly advisable. The Long Dark is probably a safer way to get your answer, and developer Hinterland Studio has announced Early Access patrons can scavenge for supplies in its Sandbox mode on September 22, with access already available to beta members.

Though The Long Dark's episodic Story Mode will follow William Mackenzie's post-plane crash exploration, Sandbox Mode is what you're likely thinking: a do-what-you-want fight for survival in The Long Dark's take on northern wilderness. Hinterland estimates survivors will get "dozens of hours" out of learning how to fend for themselves in the unforgiving cold.

Hinterland launched a Kickstarter for The Long Dark in September 2013, scavenging $256,217 CAD ($248,000) from the land, as well as the talents of Jennifer Hale and David Hayter. According to a FAQ, The Long Dark's full release is due to make contact "later in 2014."
[Image: Hinterland Studio]
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