Albion Online opens its next alpha test on September 15th

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|08.26.14

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Albion Online opens its next alpha test on September 15th
Want to take part in a test version of an unfinished game, pony up the cash.
Excited to get your mitts on Albion Online? If you've got alpha access, you'll get your chance on September 15th. Developer Sandbox Interactive is opening up the game to testers so they can explore the game, hunt for bugs, and find out what's changed in the most recent build if they've tested before. The current test window is for 14 days (until September 29th) but it may be extended depending on performance, feedback, and player numbers.

If you're not already a tester, you can buy one of the game's founder packs to get in and start testing when September rolls around; the $50 pack is the lowest priced option to allow for participation in this particular alpha test. Or you can nab a key during a giveaway elsewhere, that will work too.

[Source: Sandbox Interactive press release]
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