Epson dives into fitness wearables with heart and run trackers

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How do you know when wrist-worn technology is officially a trend? When a brand best known for its printers gets in on the action. As promised, Epson is launching its first wrist-based wearables, and they're all about improving your fitness. Each line delivers a slight twist on a familiar formula. The Runsense GPS watch range (shown above) can track your running even if it loses signal thanks to stride sensors on some models, and lasts for a healthy 30 hours of continuous tracking; you may not need to recharge for days. The Pulsense line, meanwhile, monitors your heart rate, activity and sleep quality using a blend of optical and motion sensors. You theoretically never have to take the tracker off, although the 36-hour battery suggests you'll be doing that quite often.

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Both the Pulsense and Runsense gear will share data with your smartphone. The Pulsense line is split between the $129 (£130) PS-100, with a basic LED display, and the $199 (£170) PS-500, which adds a data-rich LCD and USB syncing. The Runsense series starts off with the basic SF-310 at £150; you'll need to spend £190 on the SF-510 to get the stride sensor and tap commands, and the £230 SF-710 adds training functions, altitude info and a vibration alert. You can pick up a Pulsense in both American and European stores this month. Runsense watches are due in European shops at the same time, although there's no word on their US availability so far.
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