'Minecraft' hits Xbox One this Friday and an upgrade only costs $5 (update: available for PS4 on Thursday)

Let's face facts for a minute: you're probably still playing Minecraft on your Xbox 360 more than anything on the Xbox One that's sitting under your flat-screen. That's perfectly fine! To sway you into spending more time with Microsoft's new console, however, Redmond has a clever plan in mind. When the game releases this Friday, you'll get a hefty 75 percent discount off the $20 purchase price. That's right, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition could cost you as little as $5. You simply need to own and have played the previous version and have it tied to your Xbox Live account, according to Xbox Wire. Pretty rad, yeah? Just when you'd finally recovered from the news that importing saved worlds from the previous hardware was a thing, boom, this hits like a creeper in the night. It's a bit later than earlier promised, sure, but unlike the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions, at least there's a firm date in sight. Lady geeks and gentlenerds, ready your pick-axes.

Update: Well, Microsoft may have announced it first but Sony fans will get current-gen Minecraft sooner. A post on the PS Blog notes that the game will hit the PlayStation Store this Thursday "before 12 p.m. Pacific," and that PlayStation owners will get the same $5 upgrade deal as those purchasing on Xbox One. Should you be purchasing the game from the EU PlayStation Store, you don't have to wait at all -- it's available to download right now.