Square Enix reveals Deadman's Cross, Rise of Mana for Vita

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Square Enix reveals Deadman's Cross, Rise of Mana for Vita
Square Enix is continuing its late support for Vita with new ports of two of its more popular mobile games. Rise of Mana and Deadman's Cross, both free-to-play, make their debuts on the Sony handheld this winter in Japan.

Western readers may already be familiar with the unusual hybrid that is Deadman's Cross. The sequel to Guardian's Cross combines zombie first-person shooting with card battles, and that formula's helped it chomp into 4 million downloads worldwide. Though the Vita port's only been announced for Japan, Square Enix did bring the iOS and Android game to North America and Europe last year.

In contrast, action-RPG Rise of Mana is only available in Japan, so the chances of the Vita port being localized seem slimmer. As Siliconera reports, in the spirit of Secret of Mana's local multiplayer, Rise of Mana supports real-time eight-player co-op. You can see it briefly in Square Enix' trailer for the iOS and Android version, when the party takes on that huge crab-like beastie. The publisher's not announced plans for an English localization.

The news follows Square Enix's unveiling of Chaos Rings 3, the first entry in the RPG series to come to Vita as well as mobile. It's due to launch in Japan on October 16.
[Image: Square Enix]
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