Evernote Android app gets new note and save page buttons, navigation drawer

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Mariella Moon
September 4, 2014 9:35 AM
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Evernote Android app gets new note and save page buttons, navigation drawer

Evernote hasn't forgotten its note-taking apps despite making a killing on its physical goods. Today, the company has updated its Android offering with a new design and several significant changes to its interface. Evernote 6 shows a floating green plus button on a corner that creates new notes in a jiffy and an elephant button at the bottom of web pages that saves them with a tap. You can now also access the new navigation drawer, which displays your notebooks, tags and shortcuts, by swiping from the left edge of your device. Its devs have improved the search screen to let you refine results further and the new camera to quickly switch between modes, as well.

Finally, for those who'd rather jot everything down than type, the refresh adds better handwriting recognition with pinch-to-zoom capability. The update's should make its way to your device soon, if it hasn't arrived yet -- for now, you can check out a couple of GIFs demonstrating some new features below.

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