Twitter helps you keep track of NFL action with curated timelines

While you're sitting on the sofa watching your NFL team of choice take the field, you're likely peeking at a mobile device for updates, too. If that's the case, Twitter is looking to lend a hand this season with curated timelines for action around the league and game-specific options. In the #NFL timeline, you can see what the folks you follow are saying with "relevant tweets" from teams, players, coaches, media and celebrities peppered in to keep you in the know. For the game-focused feed (#SeahawksvsPackers or #SEAvsGB for example), everything is distilled down to what you need to watch that particular matchup. If that sounds a bit familiar it's because the social network did the same thing during the World Cup, and now it's looking to keep American football fans well-informed. For now, the timelines are only available on iOS and the web, so Android users will have to sit tight for the time being.