Chrome on Android is the latest Google app to get a flatter design

Google's "Material Design" was a major part of this year's I/O conference and now it's rolling out to an Android app you probably use a lot more than the Play Store: Chrome. The browser's stable version is the latest recipient of the not-quite-flat façade and fancy animations. Lest you think the mobile web-surfing tool's new tricks are only skin deep, however, Mountain View has added a bit more functionality, surely. Signing into the application with your Google account now logs you into the search giant's websites, like Groups, as well. It's pretty easy to see where Page and co. see the hierarchy of importance for their apps, given the sequence of what's getting the Material Design threads and when. Should Gmail be next in line, it likely wouldn't surprise too many people. The odds of Google Voice getting these new duds anytime soon? Slim -- but that's just a guess.