GameStop will soon offer Cricket Wireless 4G service


Popular game retailer and reseller GameStop will soon offer no-contract wireless service to customers in the United States, expanding the company's reach into mobile. 2,800 GameStop stores in the U.S. will begin offering both phones and 4G service through Cricket Wireless no later than the end of October.

GameStop has taken trade-ins on used smartphones and tablets for a while now, but since the company didn't previously have a service option, the devices were sold at retail prices. A partnership with Cricket makes sense from a practical standpoint -- increasing foot traffic to its physical stores is something GameStop has been struggling with a bit lately -- but since Cricket's wireless service is a no-contract affair, it's unclear just how much of a price break customers can expect on devices like the iPhone, if they choose to sign up for Cricket's service at the same time.

[via iMore]