TiVo's new Mini is close, but it could be missing the WiFi we're waiting for

The TiVo Mini is a great little device and add-on if you've got one of the company's DVRs, but there's one small problem: no built-in wireless connection. That means you'll need a coax cable, Ethernet cord or wireless bridge to get video from your DVR or pull up internet apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus. It's not always convenient and devotees like our friend Dave Zatz have been waiting for a model with wireless since the original debuted last year. The good news (other than the fact that Mini owners can ditch the $6 per month subscription fee for a $50 "Lifetime" activation) is that a new model is coming, and its FCC listing means there's some wireless kit in it. The bad news? It doesn't seem to mention WiFi, only a 2.4GHz "Zigbee" connection. The new TGN-TCDA93000 (Mini) is even listed on TiVo's own website, and while there's not much mentioned about what it does, we have a few guesses.

That Zigbee spec could let it link up to a remote over RF for control without line-of-sight or -- more likely -- connect to home automation controls from TiVo itself, Nest, Control 4, or even the likes of Google / Apple / Samsung. If there's something else to announce after TiVo's massive 26,000-hour, $5,000 Mega DVR, this week's CEDIA custom installer show might be the place to announce it.