Netflix's newest show is all about food

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Netflix's newest show is all about food

Let's say that, for a moment, Frank Underwood's connivings and Piper Chapman's descent into the belly of the beast don't do anything for you; you keep your Netflix subscription active for documentaries and little else. Well, you're in luck because the streaming juggernaut has recently announced plans for an episodic documentary series about something everyone needs to survive: food. Chef's Table is scheduled as a six-part series headed up by David Gelb. If that name doesn't sound familiar, perhaps one of his most prominent works does: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The show, Netflix says, debuts next year and will focus on half-a-dozen international chefs and should fit in nicely between the likes of Exit Through the Gift Shop and Herzog's Into the Abyss. While Netflix is slowly pushing out content filmed in UHD 4K, given the 8K screen that LG recently teased we're hoping that the outfit can up its streaming resolution by next year -- call us greedy hungry for detail.

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