Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson in The Great Ace Attorney

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Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson in The Great Ace Attorney
The Great Ace Attorney features the greatest sleuth of all time, Sherlock Holmes, and his companion, Dr. Watson – though this time around the good doctor is an 8-year-old girl genius named Iris Watson, Famitsu reveals (via Kotaku). The site has the first images of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Iris Watson in The Great Ace Attorney, a prequel series that stars Ryuichi Naruhodo, an ancestor of the franchise's hero, Phoenix Wright.

Watson lives with Holmes and she is the author of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a role that aligns with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's own canon. Holmes and Watson will be part of the game's "collaborative deduction" system, the site reports. Alongside Naruhodo, Holmes and Watson, The Great Ace Attorney stars a new heroine, Susato Mikotoba.

The Great Ace Attorney is due out in spring 2015 for 3DS in Japan.
[Image: Famitsu]
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