Never forget important events with Birthday Board Premium

birthday board screenshot

Let's be honest with ourselves. We'd forget 90% of our loved ones' birthdays if it wasn't for Facebook. If you are like me and you don't check Facebook every day, you're probably still forgetting 50% them. Birthday Board Premium, US$1.99 in the App Store for iOS 6 or later, leaves you no excuse to forget them ever again.

Birthday Board takes its design cues from the wooden perpetual calendars that are all the rage on Etsy right now. I've always found those to be clunky and a bit useless, but this, this is awesome.

It could not be any simpler to use. All you do is import birthdays from Facebook or your contacts. You can add birthdays manually, as well.

If you'd like, create additional boards to track events like weddings or anniversaries. You can also make boards for specific birthdays – one for family, one for coworkers, etc.

Set reminders, up to a week before the event, so that you know when a birthday is coming up. There are different sound options for these alerts, which is nice. I also like that you can set the reminder to go off at a specific time of day. I never remember things if I'm reminded in the morning, but setting a reminder around lunchtime ensures that I'll take a moment to send a note or make a phone call.

birthday board screenshot

Birthday Board makes wishing someone a happy birthday a breeze. When you click on an event symbol, a pop-up appears with more information. This links you to the person's Facebook page so that you can write on their wall or create an e-card or video message. It also tells you the person's astrological sign. If their birthday isn't for a while, click on the hourglass in the center to see a countdown of how many days are left until the event.

birthday board screenshot

There are a lot of customization options available. You have 5 different themes (flat, photos and glass are pictured above) and six different color options for each. I'm crazy about this feature because anything that allows me to color-code is fantastic. I've set different themes and colors for my various event boards.

Add more customization with the six different badge shape options and use different badges for family members, friends, coworkers or classmates.

There is a free version available with in-app purchases, but I suggest going for the full version of Birthday Board.