Panasonic's GM5 mirrorless is still tiny and now has a live viewfinder

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Panasonic's GM5 mirrorless is still tiny and now has a live viewfinder

Panasonic has just launched the Lumix DMC-GM5 targeted at shooters who want high performance with a form factor that's about as small as you can make an interchangeable lens, Micro Four Thirds camera. To remind you (Panasonic has a dizzying array of MFT cameras that even confuses us), the GM5 is the successor to the GM1, the company's smallest form-factor ILC model. It's roughly the size of a pack of cards, and weights about 0.62 pounds including a battery and lens. Specs remain similar to the GM1, with a 16-megapixel sensor, 1080p/60fps video, a max ISO of 25,600, a 1/16,000 shutter speed and a new "snap movie mode," that allows photos and video to be taken at the same time. The other new toy is a 1,166K-dot live viewfinder (LVF) with a 100 percent FOV and full color reproduction. Ironically, most of those specs (other than the pixel count) are lower than Panasonic's LX100, a new compact, fixed lens MFT model also introduced today.

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Daniel Cooper contributed to this report.

After a quick spin with the Lumix GM5, I can confirm that it's still as small and lightweight as ever, perhaps even moreso -- despite the addition of the electric viewfinder. Combined with the short, lightweight 12-32mm lens specially conceived for that model, that'll make it an attractive option for those who must have an interchangeable lens, but still want to travel light. Unless you're tempted by the LX100 -- but the GM5 will likely be much less expensive, even with the kit lens included. It'll arrive mid-November, so we should know pricing by then.

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