Apple gives PCs access to iCloud Drive before Macs

iCloud Drive

iOS 8 might working its way to iPhones and iPads, but Apple's long-awaited desktop refresh, Yosemite, is still receiving the final tweaks before it launches to the public. One element that features prominently between both platforms is iCloud Drive, Apple's own version of Dropbox. It's now available to mobile users, but Mac users can't enjoy its file-syncing features if they're using older versions of OS X. However, and this doesn't happen often, Windows users can get in on the action before their Mac-toting counterparts. In an updated version of the iCloud for Windows, Apple has added full support for iCloud Drive, letting PC owners interact with their files and documents from the comfort of their desktop. Mac users, of course, will enjoy additional iCloud features when Yosemite launches in the coming weeks, but for now, Windows users with iPhones and iPads can enjoy a very rare period of privileged access.