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Videogame History Museum finds a home in Frisco, Texas

Thomas Schulenberg
Thomas Schulenberg|@T_Schulenberg|September 20, 2014 10:30 PM
Traveling galleries from the Videogame History Museum can be spotted at industry events, but the collection will soon find its first static home: As reported by DallasNews, The Frisco Community Development Corporation board in Frisco, Texas, has approved a deal that grants the nonprofit museum a 10,400 square foot space in the Frisco Discovery Center. By April, National Videogame Museum 1.0 should be ready for patrons.

Frisco will spend up to $800,000 for building improvements and extra parking, with $100,000 donations (that the museum matched with raised funds) from the CDC and Frisco Convention and Visitors Bureau contributed to help with startup costs.

Museum co-founders Sean Kelly and John Hardie told DallasNews that aside from preserving games for future generations and building a traditional arcade space, education is a primary focus for the museum, both regarding industry history and games themselves. Kelly and Hardie described hypothetical workshops that would teach students how to build their own version of Pong and better understand the science and mechanics behind video games.

The Videogame History Museum's portfolio spans decades, and due to limited space and the collection's scope, portions of the museum will be periodically rotated to help show more of the industry's depth than just what can fit in a single space.
[Image: Videogame History Museum]
Videogame History Museum finds a home in Frisco, Texas