LAPD warning iPhone owners not to microwave their handsets

iOS 8 Wave

A hoax viral marketing scam advising iPhone owners to microwave their phones is ubiquitous enough that the communications department of the Los Angeles Police Department has decided to publicly debunk the advertisement. As reported by the LA Times, the department tweeted the ad with the word "Hoax" written across the front in giant red letters.

The convincing-looking advertisement promotes a new fake feature called, "Wave." Wave is claimed to be a new iOS 8 option that allows an iPhone to charge wirelessly in a microwave oven. All the details on the promotion are obviously false, but they are presented in a way that potentially could fool inexperienced iPhone owners.

If you are curious about what would happen if you tried to microwave your iPhone, don't dare try it yourself at home. Head over here and watch the results from someone else who was foolish enough to film the event from the start to flaming finish.