Rumor: Blade & Soul 2 is under development

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.24.14

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Rumor: Blade & Soul 2 is under development
Yes, it's a screenshot that actually doesn't look completely cheesecake, miraculously.
If you're still holding out hope for a Blade & Soul release in North America, you have an admirable amount of patience. But a recent rumor might sink that hope a bit further. Website claims to have insider information that points to the development of a Blade & Soul 2, which is good news if you're a fan of the game but bad news if you're still hoping to see an official release of the original.

The Shanghai studio behind the concept art was a part of the original team responsible for the game's art direction, so it could very well point to something new in the works. Whether that means a sequel, an expansion, or even an actual release on this side of the pond is all up for speculation. It's too early to flag as anything but a rumor, although the concept art that's been leaked certainly looks as if it comes from the game in question.
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Rumor: Blade & Soul 2 is under development