Paranoid? You can destroy this SSD simply by texting it

In the age of Snowden and the NSA, no method of data protection is apparently too kooky for consideration. Exhibit 'A' is a new SSD drive from a company called SecureDrives (after the break). It has features like you'd expect like 256-bit hardware level encryption and 2-factor authentication, but that's just a warm-up. The pièce de resistance is the ability to erase the GSM-enabled drive by sending a text, causing the NAND flash storage to fragment in an unrecoverable way. The self-destruct process can also be triggered if someone tries to block the drive's GSM signal, tamper with it, remove it from your computer or try the pin code too many times. All of that should keep your Bitcoin stash safe, but first you'll need to part with a lot of them -- the top-end Autothysis128t drive runs £1,027, or about $1,650.