'Twilight' mini-movies are coming to Facebook

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'Twilight' mini-movies are coming to Facebook
The problem with owning the rights to Twilight is that the story eventually ends, meaning that there's no more massively profitable movies with glitter guy, mumbling girl and the shirtless one with all the teeth. It's a problem that Lionsgate knows all too well, which is why it's hoping to prolong the saga by producing a series of five short movies based on a "broad spectrum of characters" from the Twilight universe. Unlike other digital video properties that have chosen Netflix or Amazon Instant Video for distribution, Lionsgate is going with a website that better caters to the shrieking tween market: Facebook.

If there's an upside to more Twilight, it's that Lionsgate is teaming up with Women in Film to give aspiring female filmmakers a shot at the big time. Fans will also get their chance to shape the tales, since the productions will be hammered out on crowdsourced storytelling platform Tongal. Unfortunately, fans may be disappointed to learn that their Jacob/Bella/Edward slash fiction isn't likely to be featured, since the films will be featuring lesser-known characters and using the Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide as their source material. We guess that means that 2015 will herald the Facebook premiere of the tale of Moustache Cop and Billy Black getting breakfast at the diner.

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