Firefall's having another devs-vs.-players event this weekend

Firefall's having another devs-vs.-players live event this weekend, with the former controlling bosses in the sci-fi shooter and the latter getting a shot at various in-game prizes including titles, currency, glider wings, and more. The official Firefall website has all the details including a list of rewards.

Just past the cut we've got the full press release and a dev-produced Q&A with Scott Rudi, Red 5's director of design.


Players of Firefall Will Have One More Chance to Fight Against Developers This Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014, From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PDT

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIF. – Oct. 3, 2014 – Red 5 Studios announces its third and final Chosen Offensive event where players will have one last opportunity to take up arms against elite Chosen monstrosities controlled by the developers of the MMO shooter, Firefall. These massive epic battles will once again be available this Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PDT, featuring a brand new Chosen Glider Wing reward along with all other prizes offered in the previous weekends.

Myriads of ARES pilots from around the world responded to the call-to-arms last weekend, which resulted in the utter defeat of the Chosen forces. Vowing revenge, the Red 5 development team has released a video in response to the players' legendary triumphs across New Eden:

Additionally, Scott Rudi, director of design, Red 5 Studios, provides additional insight in a brief Q&A, included below.

To learn more about the Chosen Offensive event please visit:

Q&A with Scott Rudi, director of design, Red 5 Studios regarding the Chosen Offensive events

Q: How did the idea for the Chosen Offensive events begin?

A: The idea behind the Chosen Offensive actually began back during the final months of beta when we did the Doomsday event, which was a similar engagement where we (the development team) hopped into the game as elite Chosen bosses. The original thought to do this came around during a brainstorming session on creating more challenging content and someone joked, "Why don't we go in the game as bosses and kill the players?" We ran with it and the rest of it is history!

Q: What has been the reaction from fans?

A: We've had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our player-base for the Chosen Offensive events. Not only is it a challenging way to keep our players on their toes, it also gives us the opportunity to connect with our fans directly. It's cool and refreshing to see our players post screenshots and videos of the encounter along with a message, "Thanks for allowing me to rearrange your face 5 times over, RudiKazootie." I'm pleasantly surprised with how cool our players are and how much they get into the event – they have fun fighting with us and we have a great time hanging out with them online.

Q: Can you share any cool stories about unexpected results from the Chosen Offensive?

A: I think the coolest part about the Chosen Offensive is the level of interest we received. From the first Chosen Offensive weekend alone, we were able to raise our concurrent user-base by over 200% which was absolutely amazing. These results along with the overall community enjoyment factor really motivate us in coming up with more creative content for the players in the future.

Q: How does the dev team prepare for the Chosen Offensive event?

A: (Laughs) Well first we worked our butts off to get the event set up, and then we have a briefing for everyone who will be participating in the event to go over how we want the overall event to go as well as go over some ground rules, like no jumping into the middle of Copacabana and nuking all the new players who're just trying to learn how to open their world map (as tempting as that sounds, really). After that we all just jump online and have a great time with the players.

Q: Describe the Chosen Offensive from the player's point of view.

A: We've had multiple players give very different accounts of the Chosen Offensive encounter, but I think one of my favorite ones started off with something like, "I was biking my way to Copa and then I saw a Chosen Earthbreaker fly over my head, raining death on the town." I mean, most players probably look for our locations in zone chat, but it's refreshing to hear that some players just get sucked into this epic boss battle while going about their own business. It's this type of uncertainty in our encounters that I think makes it extremely fun and unique.

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