Feedback Loop: Bad Apple, app automation and more!

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Feedback Loop: Bad Apple, app automation and more!

In this week's edition of Feedback Loop, we discuss Apple's rough September, share our favorite tools for automating tasks and talk about Google's Project Ara. Head past the break to find out what Engadget readers like you have to say.

What's going on with Apple?

September was a rough month for Apple, thanks to things like iCloudgate, U2gate, bendgate and updategate. This runs counter to a company that's commonly recognized for having some of the best customer service and quality products around. What's happening inside 1 Infinite Loop? Head over to the forums and share your thoughts.

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Let's get automated

Services like IFTTT make our lives way easier by automating simple tasks. Frank shares some of his favorite apps for getting things done, automatically. From things like Alfred and Launchy, to Huginn and Zapier, there's a lot of great tools out there. Check out his list and then share your own preferred apps right here.

Are modular smartphones the way of the future?

Google's Project Ara has the lofty goal of giving users the ability to customize smartphones to their hearts content. Is this the way of the future or are super thin (and sometimes bendable) phones here to stay. Tell us what you think about Project Ara right here.

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