Lenovo's fitness-minded Smartband shows up unannounced at the FCC

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Lenovo doesn't want to miss out on the wearable device trend, it seems. A couple of months after filings hinted that a Smartband was in the works, the unannounced activity tracker has surfaced at the FCC. Between photos and a user manual, the approval leaves little to the imagination. The Bluetooth-based device will keep tabs on your running, heart rate and sleep habits while syncing up with Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices. It's not certain that the Smartband will launch in the US any time soon, if at all -- it was a no-show at last month's IFA event despite rumors to the contrary. If this fitness-savvy wristwear does arrive stateside, though, its black-and-orange design could be the perfect complement to your Yoga 2 laptop.

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