Former BioShock devs seek funding for The Black Glove

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Former BioShock devs seek funding for The Black Glove
Day For Night Games, a studio largely comprised of former BioShock Infinite developers, needs your help in developing The Black Glove. By "help," of course we mean "money."

Though Day For Night was unable to kick off its crowdfunding efforts in July as originally planned, the studio has now launched a crowdfunding effort that seeks $550,000 to aid in the development of The Black Glove. To date, the fundraiser has attracted $42,258 and 31 days remain before the drive comes to an end.

As for what backers are funding, our initial glimpse of The Black Glove contains the following description: "In The Black Glove, players use time travel to influence and affect the lives of a filmmaker, an artist and a musical act. The game takes place inside of a special theatre called The Equinox, which according to Day For Night, could exist in the past, present or future. Or it might not exist at all. So if nothing else, it sounds like the BioShock series' legacy of creating mind-explosions is intact."

For more information on The Black Glove and full details on how you can throw your money at the in-development adventure, visit Kickstarter.
[Image: Day For Night Games]
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