Swordsman's Gilded Wasteland launches October 23rd

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.09.14

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Swordsman's Gilded Wasteland launches October 23rd
Swordsman is expanding on October 23rd, according to a new trailer from Perfect World that's releasing, oh, right about now! The content drop is called Gilded Wasteland update, and it adds new regions and new battlegrounds to the wuxia-powered MMO.

There's a level cap increase as well (from 89 to 94) as well as "leveling adjustments combined with a multitude of optimization changes [that] will streamline the Swordsman experience for both veterans and new players," according to a PWE press release.

You can click past the cut to view the trailer, and don't forget to follow along with Massively's Swordsman-flavored Choose My Adventure series.]

[Source: Perfect World press release
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Swordsman's Gilded Wasteland launches October 23rd