Keep personal photos out of collections with iOS 8's "hide photo" feature

Apple's Collections feature for photos in iOS is a wonderful way to keep track of your memories and easily present them when it's time to show off. Photos are automatically sorted into smart groups based on the time and location they were taken, making it a breeze to quickly find every picture you've taken in Florida or during December. Of course, there are certain pictures you probably don't want people to see. Let's be classy and just call them "personal" photos.

Thankfully iOS 8 makes keeping your personal photos out of your Collections quick and easy. All it takes is two quick steps.

  1. Locate the photo you want hidden, select it, and hold down your finger on the image.

  2. When the "hide" option pops up press it, and confirm that you'd like to hide the image.

Now the "hidden" image is left out of your Collections folder while still being viewable from the Albums portion of the Photos menu. You can rest easy when displaying your Collection over AirPlay during the Holidays. If you take care to hide the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) images, your family never has to know what you really did in Vegas.