Xbox One update makes multitasking easier and everyone more secure

We knew that the October update coming to the Xbox One would make it act more like the 360, but Redmond has packed a few other features into it too. In addition to double-tapping the Guide button to call up your friends list and achievements, this patch adds what amounts to two-factor authentication for your account (something new for Xbox-only Microsoft logins), according to Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb. A select few markets are getting access to a tweaked Live TV setup option too, which will automatically detect the set-top box plugged into the One's HDMI-In port (sounds like HDMI-CEC to us). The new media player app is improved, with support for MKV and access to media stored on DLNA servers. You can hide any games that are cluttering up the "ready to install" portion of your collection now as well. Handy! The 249MB update is rolling out starting today, and you should be able to force the download from the system's settings menu.