Race the Sun, Escape Goat 2 on PSN next week, says PS Blogcast [update]

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Race the Sun, Escape Goat 2 on PSN next week, says PS Blogcast [update]
The PlayStation Blogcast often quietly slips out a surprise or two in its weekly rundown of new releases, and this week is no exception. According to the podcast, Race the Sun and Escape Goat 2 hit PSN in North America next week, which would pin them for October 21 release dates. There's been no other official word on that and Blogcast details have been off the mark before, so we've reached out to devs Flippfly and MagicalTimeBean to confirm.

[Update: Sony confirmed Race the Sun indeed hits PSN in North America on October 21, priced $10. Flippfly's Aaron San Filippo told Joystiq the team's working on confirming the date for Europe, and the game will be available there at a roughly equivalent price.] [Update 2: MagicalTimeBean's Ian Stocker confirmed to Joystiq that Escape Goat 2 will also reach North America on October 21, and while its European launch is yet to be set in stone, Stocker notes it "won't be far behind."]

Race the Sun is already confirmed as a cross-buy game for PS4, PS3 and Vita, meaning if you buy the game on one PS platform you get it for free on the others. Cross-save is also supported to carry scores across systems.
Flippfly's endless flier looks like a supersonic take on Starfox, with players hurtling at low altitudes and high speeds as they dodge the polygonal obstacles in their way. The game's minimalist landscapes regenerate from day to day, with new leaderboards and challenges to take on each time. Also, the PSN version is set to feature new landscapes that weren't in the original Steam outing.

As for Escape Goat 2, MagicalTimeBean's puzzle-platformer is clopping its way to sweet, sweet freedom on PS4. The breakout billy's sequel is also already out on Steam - no PSN price as yet but it's $10 on Valve's portal - and that version proved a hit with Joystiq's Sam Prell. In his four-star review, Sam was fond of the game's harder stages, where the puzzles, traps and often violent obstacles were more satisfying to bleat beat.

"One particular room involved sliding two ice blocks through a series of obstacles while simultaneously alternating between two switches that would open a path to the exit. I agonized over how to solve this particular puzzle for a good 20 minutes before I realized I was overthinking the whole process, finally reaching the exit using a much simpler approach. When you beat one of these optional levels, you don't kick yourself for not seeing the solution earlier, you feel smart and worthy of having earned your goatly freedom."
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