PSA: PS4 firmware update 2.0 debuts tomorrow

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PSA: PS4 firmware update 2.0 debuts tomorrow

Sony has issued a preview trailer for the PlayStation 4's impending "Masamune" update, due to hit consoles worldwide starting tomorrow.

After installing tomorrow's update, PS4 users can access the console's long-promised Share Play feature, which allows players to invite a friend to take over their gameplay or join as a remote co-op partner. Other new and revamped features promised in the video above include YouTube video uploads, voice commands, dashboard themes, a redesigned party interface, livestream browsing by game, and download pausing and resuming.

Sony will also launch a firmware update for the PS Vita and PlayStation TV later tonight, introducing the stream-viewing Live from PlayStation app for both devices and 4-player Remote Play support for the PS TV.

[Video: Sony]
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