Apple: iOS 8 now installed on 52% of all devices

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Steve Sande
October 29th, 2014
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Apple: iOS 8 now installed on 52% of all devices
Apple iOS adoption rateDoes it seem like a lot of your iPhone or iPad toting friends have updated to iOS 8? You're right -- new information from the Apple Developer Support pages shows that iOS 8 is now installed on 52 percent of all iOS devices.

Of the other 48 percent of iOS devices, 43 percent are running versions of iOS 7, while only 5 percent are running older editions of iOS. The latest edition of iOS, version 8.1, may be the impetus for even more users to bump their devices to iOS 8 since it includes some much-needed bug fixes that were not available in earlier releases.

If you don't have iOS 8 on your iOS devices, we'd like to know why you're still waiting. Leave your comments below.
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