Massively's MMO guide to Halloween 2014

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Massively's MMO guide to Halloween 2014
MMORPG fans love to play dress-up. Admit it! We do it every day with our characters, even if we pretend we're just "checking out our stats" when we're rifling through the hundreds of pieces of cosmetic gear in our banks. That's what makes Halloween our magic holiday!

Following what is now epic tradition, we've rounded up all the big MMORPG Halloween events and sales for 2014 as well as a few little ones and some from our favorite MOBAs and OARPGs too. The list isn't exhaustive, so feel free to chime in with any we've missed that you love!

Now, furbish up your pumpkin heads and get in there. That virtual candy isn't gonna eat itself.

Age of Conan: AoC's Thirst of the Serpent God Halloween Event is live until November 12th. There's new loot, a unique mount, and an all-new PvP event this year.

Age of Wushu: AoW's Halloween festivities include a rebellion event, raffle, gift packs, and a pumpkin lantern festival.

Aion: The Harvest Revel store sale is ongoing, the better for you to buy some new costumes.

Allods Online: Fright Fest III is on in Allods!

Anarchy Online: Uncle Pumpkin Head returns to Rubi-Ka!

ArcheAge: Celebrate Hallowtide, which runs until November 4th, when the Conquest of Auroria patch launches.

Champions Online: Champs has brought back its long-running Bloodmoon events through November 3rd.

City of Steam: Trick-or-treat steampunk-style in a CoS pack giveaway.

Dark Age of Camelot: The Pumpkin Moon shines over the three realms until November 3rd.

Darkfall: Aventurine's fall update includes Oktoberfest-themed items as well as a Halloween event. [Thanks, Cory!]

DC Universe Online: Klarion is up to no good during DCUO's Witching Hour event. There's a marketplace sale, too.

Defiance: Hulker Hell arkfalls invade paradise!

Destiny: Enjoy Halloween-themed boss drops and sparrows.

Diablo III: Woot, double bonus to gold find and exp gain for characters on all platforms.

Dragon Nest: The EU Halloween festival in DN goes further than most games with spooky new music.

Dungeons & Dragons: Update 23, The Mark of Death, went live earlier this month with a necropolis theme.

EverQuest and EverQuest II: Enjoy a reprise of Night of the Dead in both games; crafting, quests, and haunted locales abound.

Final Fantasy XI: Participate in trick-or-treating and shop at seasonal vendors during XI's Harvest Festival until November 4th.

Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints' Wake has returned to Hydaelyn.

Firefall: Night of the Melding is live through November 10th!

Guild Wars: Classic Guild Wars, as always, celebrates the return of Mad King Thorn.

Guild Wars 2: Blood and Madness is live in Tyria until November 4th. Our own Anatoli Ingram has already scoped out the festivities.

Hearthstone: Your last chance to snag a Hallow's End card is Halloween night.

Landmark: The voxel-based sandbox hosted a spoooooooky building contest, but it's too late now to enter. Doh! Winners will be announced tomorrowday.

League of Legends: LoL's real-world pumpkin carving contest ends late Halloween night. There's a nice little sale going on as well.

Lineage 2: So here's a neat take on an MMO Halloween holiday: an alien invasion!

Lord of the Rings Online: Return to Middle-earth for the Fall Festival and collect Fall Festival Tokens through November 2nd. There's brand-new cosmetic gear and a new mount to be won.

MapleStory: Enjoy seven different staggered Halloween events plus a cash shop sale in Maple World.

Marvel Heroes: MH celebrates Halloween with mystery bags, trick-or-treat buffs, and a fully decorated Avengers Tower.

Neverwinter: The Masquerade of Liars -- which is the best Halloween event name out of every game on this list -- runs until November 3rd.

Pirate101: Arrr! Join in the costume party on Skull Island and check out the Haunted Galleon.

PlanetSide 2: Nanite of the Living Dead debuts in PS2; join the hunt for "space pumpkins"!

RIFT: RIFT's Autumn Harvest includes fall-themed events and Halloween rifts. It ends November 13th.

RuneScape: A unique haunted house, Broken Home, brings brand-new mechanics to RuneScape.

Star Trek Online: STO's Mirror Invasion event goes live today for three weeks. It's not exactly Halloween, but we'll take it!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Rakghoul plague once again threatens the denizens of Corellia.

Super Hero Squad Online: Trick or taco! Superhero City is a ghost town. The good kind! Well, no, not the good kind, but the fun kind! With actual ghosts!

TERA: Until November 4th, Revenge of Kaprima is live in TERA with new events, costumes, mounts, and weapon skins.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Well, ESO is getting some scary monster face hats?

The Secret World: The Cat God and Spooky Stories missions returned this very morning along with a new Halloween-themed mission chained called The Broadcast. Massively's MJ will be livestreaming the festivities Halloween night.

Trove: Trove's got new craftables and mystery boxes until November 2nd. "Delight in fright this Shadow's Eve!"

Ultima Online: Trick-or-treating is open until November 19th. A special Treasures of Doom promotion ends in December.

Villagers and Heroes: "Explore, at your own peril, the mysteries and pleasures of 'Spooky Town.'"

Wizard101: Halloweenfest returns to the Spiral.

World of Tanks: Mystery Mayhem has invaded the WoT forums.

World of Warcraft: Hallow's End is live for the 10th straight year in WoW. Our sister site WoW Insider has the full run-down!

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