AT&T and Verizon are upping bandwidth on select data plans

These days we could all use a little more mobile bandwidth, and the folks at AT&T and Verizon are giving us some. Let's break it down, shall we? If you're on an AT&T single-line plan or have two to three devices, the company is now offering 3GB of data as opposed to the prior 2GB for $40 per month. And now, the carrier's $70 tier will net you 6GB of bandwidth instead of 4GB. This new allocation starts November 2nd, and as Gigaom points out, the double-data promo for higher-tier plans runs until November 15th. Verizon has a sorta similar deal going, but it's for plans that have higher bandwidth to start. Big Red is bumping its $80 per-month customers from 6GB to 10GB and the previous 10GB, $100 per-month tier is getting a bump to 15GB of data. This is apparently a limited-time offer, but, hey, at least it extends to both new and existing customers starting this Saturday.