These LED bulbs are brighter despite fewer diodes and a lower price

One of the toughest parts to swallow of LED lighting technology is just how costly it can be. Well, the folks at Cree have taken umbrage with that and developed a bulb that'll retail for around $5 per 40- and 60-watt-equivalent bulb -- less than some standard CFL lamps by a few bucks. How's it doing that? In part by changing the bulbs' design and eliminating the need for heat sinks. As IEEE Spectrum reports, instead of the collar that more or less does double-duty holding the LEDs in place and dissipating heat, the new models get rid of hot air via convection. Meaning, as diodes get warmer, they naturally draw cool air in from outside the bulb as the higher temperature rises upward and outward.

Cree's also cut costs (and prices) by clipping the amount of LEDs from 10 in its 60-watt-equivalent bulbs down to eight. They don't lose any light power in the process, though. As a matter of fact, the diodes run at higher power to produce more of it. Oh, and according to the outfit's Mike Watson, the collar-less design makes the dimmable bulbs look like a traditional incandescent, which he thinks will speed up adoption. Sure? Seems like a bit of a stretch, but hit the comments if bulb shape is what kept you away from the tech.