Droplr is back with new features and Yosemite support

Mel Martin
M. Martin|10.31.14

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Mel Martin
October 31st, 2014
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I reviewed Droplr a couple of years ago and found it to be an easy method of transferring large files. The Mac application is back with a spanking new interface and new features that are likely to appeal to people who share screen shots, screen videos and files.

The app installs in your menubar, and now features support for Apple's dark menubar option. You can upload large files, and you will get a url to share the file with others.

New features include quick screenshot sharing, video captures of screens (great for demonstrating software using screencasts), and the ability to share a quick animated GIF taken with your connected camera. I find that last feature pretty disposable, but some may love it.

I checked the app's various options and found them to all work well. I transferred a large Photoshop file to a friend without incident. Everything was very smooth.

Droplr can now work as an extension in Yosemite, so file transfers are available from the share menu in any Mac app. You can get all the details on Droplr's web page.

Droplr is free for 30 days, after which you have to pick a plan. The basic consumer offering is US$4.99 a month with unlimited storage, something most other plans aren't offering. There is also a free iOS app to use with the service.

Depending on your needs, Droplr is either a good deal or not so great considering some of the competition. Apple with Mail Drop now allows sending very large files (up to 5 GB) via email through its iCloud servers for no cost.

Companies like MediaFire have a similar service, with paid plans starting at 1 TB of storage for $5.00 a month. Then there are file sharing services from Dropbox (1 TB at $9.99 monthly), Google and others.

If Droplr's unique features, ease of use, and competitive pricing look attractive, check it out and see how it compares in your particular situation.

The app is available from Droplr as a download, and will soon be in the Mac app store.
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