Platinum gets conceptual with Bayonetta's Nintendo costumes

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Platinum gets conceptual with Bayonetta's Nintendo costumes
You can channel Nintendo's heroines (and Hyrule's hero) while unleashing crazy combos in Bayonetta 2, but it's worth taking a break from witchcraft to see how the collaboration came together in the first place. As Platinum Games detailed in a recent blog post, Bayonetta's first borrowed garb was the result of director Hideki Kamiya asking Platinum's Yong-Hee Cho to draw Bayonetta in a Princess Peach outfit.

The above image and the full gallery below shows some of Cho's conceptual interpretations, but Kamiya pushed to keep the dress closer to Peach's original style. After tying Bayonetta's hair up, adding a Mario charm and some forearm flair, Kamiya and Cho were pleased with the results.

Kamiya's direction similarly led to the Samus costume resembling the bounty hunter's initial venture on the NES, but the development of Bayonetta's tunic is interesting: After Kamiya approved Cho's traditional take on Link's classic attire, Cho turned the designs in to Nintendo for approval. They were returned with a suggestion that Cho open the tunic's top a little more.

Bayonetta's Nintendo-themed wardrobe is available in both Bayonetta games on the Wii U, and in the case of Bayonetta 2, Contributing Editor Earnest Cavalli's review remarked that it's a "grand sequel that overshadows the most gleefully over-the-top aspects of its predecessor with entirely new levels of awe-inspiring spectacle."
[Image: Platinum Games]
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