New Nintendo eShop releases: It's raining nintendogs + cats

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New Nintendo eShop releases: It's raining nintendogs + cats
Among all the big games Nintendo chucks at the Q4 window is the weekly eShop cluster grenade, ready to spread just about everything across your Wii U and 3DS. This week there's plenty of stuff to pick and mix, from platform-puzzler The Swapper where you can create clones of yourself and swap (ah!) between them, to the GBA Super Mario Advance remake of Super Mario Bros. 2 which also features a Mario Bros. remake.

Or you could garden-gander at Shigeru Miyamoto's Pikmin Short Movies animations on 3DS and Wii U, and then try out the new Pikmin 3 demo. If you'd prefer something spikier and scarf-ier, there are Sonic Boom demos for both 3DS and Wii U ahead of next week's retail releases. Keeping the animal theme but travelling back in time, out of nowhere there are eShop versions of the three-year-old nintendogs + cats 3DS games, complete with a free theme when you buy one of them. A bit out of the blue, yes. On the other hand... d'awwww.

It's one of those weeks where it might be easier to digest a full list of new releases, so it's handy you'll find one of those below the break. Bargain hunters, we refer you to Nintendo's press release for a list of this week's sales and permanent price reductions.
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