​PlayStation 4's SharePlay can be turned off by developers

Sad news, PS4 owners -- that awesome new "virtual-couch" feature Sony added with the console's latest update won't work with the latest Call of Duty game. Users trying to use Share Play to digitally lend Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to a friend have found the feature completely blocked. "This host's game screen is not displayed because the current scene is a blocked scene for Share Play," the guest's screen will display. "Wait until the blocked scene is finished." Unfortunately, the entire game is flagged as a "blocked scene."

Sony designed the feature so certain elements of games (such as the licensed music in NBA 2k14) could be blocked, but Activision seems to be the first company to block an entire game. Before Share Play launch, Sony told Engadget that that was part of the plan too: Share Play access is completely at the mercy of developers. Its their choice, and it's very probable that Call of Duty won't be the last game to block the feature. That said, Activision says that Share Play might not be blocked indefinitely -- the company recently told Polygon that it blocked the feature because it didn't have enough time to test it before the game launched. "Once we've fully analyzed its performance," the company said, "We'll determine how to support it going forward."