17 songs pulled from GTA: San Andreas in latest Steam update

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17 songs pulled from GTA: San Andreas in latest Steam update
According to player reports, a recent patch for the Steam version of open-world crime sandbox Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas adds support for Xbox 360 controllers, but also strips out numerous songs from the in-game radio stations. Presumably this is the result of licenses expiring, as the same 17 songs are missing from recent mobile versions of the game.

Beyond the removal of the songs, reports are pouring in from players who claim that the update breaks save compatibility with old versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, strips out resolution options and causes issues with mouse input. As Rockstar Nexus points out, however, these problems may not be the result of the update, and could instead be the result of hardware issues or the many, many patches San Andreas has received since its 2005 debut conflicting with one another. There's just no way to tell, given the huge amount of conflicting information coming from fans.

Unfortunately, our attempts to contact Rockstar for more information were met with silence. If you're experiencing issues with the Steam incarnation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, let us know in the comments. There's currently no blanket fix for these problems, but at least we can suffer together.
[Image: Rockstar Games]
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