The iRig HD-A equips Android users for mobile guitar recording

Billy Steele
B. Steele|11.10.14

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IK Multimedia's iRig series of mobile recording wares have long be an option for the iOS faithful, and now its guitar-minded add-on is prepped for Android. The iRig HD-A is a $100 accessory that allows you to plug your axe into a mobile device track riffs while on the go. Just like previous efforts, this Android version is very much a plug-and-play setup for guitarists to use the company's AmpliTube amplifier and effects simulator app to toy with sounds and virtual rigs. It packs in a 24-bit 48kHz analog to digital converter, and can be paired with a computer via USB when you're stationary for a while. As you might expect, other entries in the iRig line can be used alongside the HD-A for a more robust mobile arsenal. However, there's one important caveat: the device only works with gadgets running Samsung Professional Audio. This means that the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge can sort the goods now, and compatibility for the Galaxy S5, Note 3 and others is said to be on the way. The aforementioned AmpliTube is available as a plug-in for Samsung's SoundCamp app, so you can record tunes with whatever setup you come up with while toying around.

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