Shroud of the Avatar preps for Steam launch

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.10.14

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Shroud of the Avatar preps for Steam launch
Remember to purchase the add-on that allows for atmosphere for just a small additional fee.
On November 24th, Shroud of the Avatar will be launching on Steam's Early Access service. Backers of the game should already have their Steam keys. Once the game is launched, the development team wants to keep the game's servers on at all times, leading to the current state of the game. In this round of testing, contrary to past tests, players can this time access the game servers according to the game's most recent development update.

The newsletter also highlights the ominous Tower of the Shuttered Eye, a rather unpleasant place that will be added to the game with the next major patch scheduled for release on November 20th. There's also a post-mortem on the launch of the game's most recent test patch, which saw a big increase in numbers over previous events. Take a look at the full update for a clearer picture of how the game is doing and what's just around the corner.
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Shroud of the Avatar preps for Steam launch