Spark's pint-sized board adds WiFi to any device for $19

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Jon Fingas
November 12th, 2014

Are you crafting your own gadget and want to add wireless networking to it? You'll want to look into Spark's new Photon board, then. The stamp-sized peripheral lets you add WiFi to many devices without requiring a lot of technical know-how; if you can design a gadget in the first place, you can probably get it online. Spark sees it as a relatively easy way for artists, engineers and students to make internet-savvy objects. It's cheap enough that it won't hurt to try. The regular Photon costs $19, and those who want to put it into mass-produced items can get the P0 or P1 at respective prices of $10 and $12 -- all of which are bargains next to the Core's original $39 price.

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