Xbox One claims the new-gen sales lead for two weeks, time to celebrate

Good news for Xbox One: a combination of lower prices (through a mix of new SKUs, bundles, and "temporary" price cuts), updated software and newly released exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Halo Master Chief Collection have sales on the upswing. According to VP of Marketing Yusuf Mehdi, based on internal data the Xbox One led "generation 8" sales in the US for the last two weeks, as sales more than tripled once the new $349 price rolled out. Of course, as good as sales seemingly are, Microsoft isn't giving detailed sold-to-customer numbers like the ones we've seen from Sony, only announcing that it will soon hit 10 million Xbox One consoles sold to retailers. For reference, in August Sony claimed it's already put 10 million PS4s in gamer's hands. Ever since the Xbox One was originally announced Microsoft has made a number of changes to its initial approach to win back gamers, but hasn't been able to catch Sony's PS4 yet. So let us know, have you seen enough to consider going Xbox this holiday season?