Spotify code hints that podcasts are coming

Spotify on the desktop

Streaming in Uber cars isn't the only trick up Spotify's sleeve, it seems. Developer Ethan Lee has found code in a test version of Spotify's app that directly references podcast subscriptions, suggesting that you'll get to listen to the latest episode of Serial after you're done with The Flaming Lips. There's no telling when podcast support might arrive or how it would work, although it wouldn't be surprising to see an iTunes-style directory as well as an option to add your favorite feeds.

It won't be surprising if podcasts become a mainstay feature, however. While Spotify likely can't charge for podcast access, the option would give you fewer reasons to switch to other apps and websites for your listening fix, whether it's Google Play on the desktop or Stitcher on your phone. That, in turn, could keep you streaming music. Just don't assume that the service is coming. Spotify occasionally axes features before they see the light of day; it dropped a previous plan to bring desktop apps to mobile even before it killed the entire app platform, for example. The company isn't commenting either way, so nothing is set in stone at this point.

Spotify podcast code